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Claims of business fraud must be supported by a great deal of documentation. Proving such claims requires lawyers to demonstrate fraudulent intent. Doing so requires exceptional knowledge of business practices and the instincts that a business fraud lawyer can develop only with years of experience. Gaines LLC has the experience and knowledge to help business clients in this area of litigation.

Claims of fraud require specific intent on the part of the accused. A fraud attorney must prove both that an individual or business performed a certain act and that it did so with the intent to defraud.

Fraud attorneys rarely uncover evidence that specifically states the fraudulent intent. Normally a business fraud attorney must demonstrate this intent by going through records to find instances of conduct that reveals the true motivations of the involved parties. The law treats allegations of fraud very seriously, demanding specific proof because these accusations can be so damaging.

How can allegations of fraud affect a business?

When businesses are accused of fraud, there are consequences that extend far beyond the legal ramifications. The mere allegations of this type of conduct can have a huge impact on the reputation and goodwill of any business. Gaines LLC aggressively defends our clients who face allegations of fraud. because we understand that simply forcing a settlement or even a favorable judgment is not enough.

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