Contract Disputes

Birmingham Contract Dispute Lawyers

Running a business is perhaps more common today than at any other time in recent history. The progress of technology and all of the opportunities that it has created has led to an environment where access to a global marketplace is at the tips of our fingers. This same process that gives us so much potential for success with a variety of consumer groups, however, can also create new and unforeseen business hazards. In order to succeed in today’s economy, for example, you might find yourself working with foreign companies and laws as well as in the domestic market. When you find yourself with a contract dispute, Gaines LLC can help.

At Gaines LLC, we believe that you deserve the absolute best care possible. That is why we have taken the time to build the most effective legal team possible. When you opt for our professionals, you don’t have to worry about fending for yourself or spending your time confused and out of the loop. Our experienced contract disputes attorneys will make sure that you understand the processes you are facing as well as exactly what potential remedies you might be able to employ in order to end the dispute as quickly as possible.

What exactly is a contract?

This is a common question, especially since many people picture a written document when they think about the word “contract”. To put it simply, a contract is an agreement between two parties that is legally enforceable. Each party included in the contract agrees to pay a certain amount or perform a certain duty. If one of those parties fails to uphold their part of the contract while the other party has fulfilled their promise faithfully, then the party that breached (broke) the contract might owe the other party some kind of compensation or relief.

Are all contracts written?

Despite the popular conception that all contracts exist in hard copy form, contracts can absolutely be oral in nature. It’s better to write down the contract if possible, however oral contracts can still be enforced even in the event that there is a dispute between the parties involved in it. Note that one problem with oral contracts is that one party might misremember the contract terms (or claim to misremember the contract terms), and it can be difficult to determine the truth behind these claims and nail down the exact terms of the contract when it was created. That is one reason why you should reach out to an experienced attorney who understands contract law in Alabama.

Contract Attorneys

The attorneys at Gaines LLC will work to enforce the contractual rights of our clients, be they businesses, contractors, developers, or another kind of party, in Alabama. We’ll work with you through a wide array of contractual disagreements and issues, including:

  • Builder and Contractor Issues regarding payment of services rendered, including warehousemen’s liens, mechanic’s liens, and materialmen’s liens
  • Commercial Loan Issues
  • Dissolutions of LLCs, Corporations, or Partnerships
  • Disputes with Customers or Vendors Regarding Sale of Services and Goods
  • Enforcement of Employment Agreements like Stock Option Provisions
  • Enforcement of Security Agreements and Promissory Notes

When can I file for a breach of contract?

If you would like to file against another party due to a breach of contract, it is important to move quickly. Alabama does have a statute of limitations in place that could lead to you accidentally forfeiting your right to seek compensation via the legal system. This time limit is generally six years. That might seem like plenty of time, but it’s easy to get caught up in disputes and false promises of repayment and ultimately lose your chance to obtain legal relief. For this reason, we recommend that you reach out to an attorney well versed with contract law as soon as the contract in question has been breached.

Do I really need an attorney?

While it might seem easier to simply handle your contract issues on your own, keep in mind that fact that contract law can be quite complex. Even beyond the confusion that the law itself can cause, however, are the deadlines that each state has in place. These are hard dates that you must meet at various times during the legal process, and failing to do so could see your case tossed out. An experienced business law attorney can help.

When you need an experienced Alabama contract disputes lawyer, Gaines LLC has the experience you need. Contact Gaines LLC to discuss your case – reach out to the experienced Alabama contract law attorney today!