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Did you or a loved one recently lose your job in Alabama? You might be curious as to whether or not the termination was lawful. While employers often have a lot of latitude regarding their reasons for terminating employee relationships, there are certain circumstances under which the act can be considered unlawful. If you were wrongfully terminated and are looking for legal representation in order to help secure the compensation to which you are entitled, you need the help of experienced wrongful termination attorneys in Alabama. They can help look at your case and determine the best legal strategy to use in order to obtain a favorable outcome.

At Gaines LLC, our experienced legal team has plenty of knowledge when it comes to wrongful termination cases. In fact, we have handled many of these conflicts in the past and understand how to aggressively seek the justice that your case demands. We also understand just how stressful losing your job and seeking legal aid can be, which is why we do everything we can to make the situation a little bit easier. From our consultation to court dates, we go out of our way to ensure that you fully understand your legal situation as well as the various remedies at your disposal. Gaines LLC is the right option when you need help for a wrongful termination in Alabama.

What is a wrongful termination?

As briefly described above, employers can fire an employee for a wide variety of reasons. This is because Alabama is an “at will” work state, which means that employees can leave their positions or have their positions terminated at will. Note that this kind of arrangement is often beneficial to both employee and employer. As an employee in an at will state, you have the right to end your working relationship with your employer at any time without facing legal repercussions in most instances. The same is true of your employer’s ability to terminate your working relationship. In general, they can do so at will and face no legal repercussions.


With all of that said, there are certain instances where terminating an employee’s position is unlawful. When this happens, that termination is referred to as “wrongful” and the employee might be able to seek compensation from their former employer.

It is illegal to fire employees due to the following discriminatory reasons:

  • Pregnancy
  • Race
  • National Origin
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Age (Assuming the Employee is 40 Years or Older)
  • Disability
  • Genetic Information
  • Citizenship Status

Additionally, it is illegal to fire an employee if there is an employment contract in place that promises them job security. This contract might be implied, oral, or written in nature. The last two contracts occur when your employer either writes their offer of job security down or tells you that they will not fire you without good cause for a certain period of time. The first, an implied employment contract, occurs when your employer doesn’t come right out and say that you will have job security but implies as much. Perhaps they promise that you will have a long future at the company, for example, and act in a way that seems to imply you will have a job for a long time to come. In these instances, an implied contract might be in place.

Other Wrongful Termination Circumstances

In addition to the above, it should be noted that employees cannot be fired for asserting their rights according to wage laws. They also cannot be fired for taking time off work in certain circumstances. This includes:

  • Military Leave
  • Jury Duty
  • Voting
  • Medical and Family Leave

All of the above are protected under state and federal laws, and your employer cannot fire you for taking time off work if it qualifies under one of those four categories. Finally, you may not be fired or retaliated against for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

What Should You Do if You’ve Faced Wrongful Termination?

If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated by your employer, it is time to reach out to an experienced wrongful termination lawyer in Alabama. They can help you better understand your situation and your options, as well as realistically detail what kind of compensation you might expect to receive.

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