Commercial Lease Issues

Alabama Commercial Lease Real Estate Law Attorneys

Gaines LLC, as part of its commercial lease issues practice, works to represent commercial lessors as well as lessees in a wide variety of conflicts. Our experienced attorneys are happy to work hard on your behalf to help ensure that your rights, be they as landlord or as tenant, are upheld in all aspects. We defend and file lawsuits pertaining to the following:

  • Rights, remedies, responsibilities, and obligations under the lease
  • Rights, remedies, responsibilities, and obligations existing under federal and state statutes
  • Defaults, compliance, performance, breaches, and other related disputes that include specific lease provisions
  • The interpretation of vague lease provisions, which includes filing declaratory judgement actions should it prove necessary
  • The collection of accelerated rent and unpaid rent, wherever it is feasible.

In addition to all of the above, Gaines LLC can also help prepare your lease and documents related to it as well as recommend common sense modifications that should be made to existing leases. These are tailored to our clients’ specifications and unique circumstances, and are designed to help maximize our clients’ interests while simultaneously serving to minimize litigation.

Because the financial relationship between commercial tenant and commercial lessor can prove to be rather complicated and emotional in nature, especially when it comes to shopping center environments, Gaines LLC’s initial objective is to resolve commercial lease disputes as quickly and easily as possible. We do this by working with our clients and following their wishes and instructions, as well as any exigent circumstances, in order to help preserve the relationship wherever possible. If that preservation is not possible, then we will immediately begin legal proceedings in order to recover the premises and work to achieve our clients’ goals as quickly cost-effectively as possible.

About Our Attorneys

Gaines LLC is proud to offer our clients a diverse and unified group of experienced and skilled legal professionals. We work hard to make sure that our clients are not only happy with our services, but that they receive the absolute best outcomes possible given their specific situations and circumstances. That means that we take the time to speak with you personally and understand your needs and objectives before we start working on a legal strategy. Once we understand exactly what you are hoping to accomplish, we will carefully craft an effective approach to help achieve your goals as quickly as we possibly can while still being impeccably effective and professional.

If you have found yourself in need of help with a commercial lease issue, Gaines LLC is the best option at your disposal. Let our practiced attorneys work with you to help resolve your problems and allow you to return to your daily life free of the stress that litigation and legal conflicts can cause.

Can an attorney really help me?

We know that it can seem tempting to simply attempt to handle a legal issue yourself. This is perhaps especially true if you are in an industry or profession where you stand to see more than your fair share of legal processes. And while this is often true of landlords in particular, it is still important to understand that taking the time to hire a professional could mean the difference in recovering your property as well as any back rent and damages to which you might be entitled and losing months of time to a tenant that doesn’t care about your property and isn’t willing to pay rent any longer. On the other hand, if you are experiencing what you believe to be unfair or illegal treatment from your landlord, an attorney can help ensure that your rights are upheld.

Practiced attorneys experienced with commercial lease issues are better suited to handle these kinds of cases quickly and effectively than you are. The law can be incredibly confusing, even when it seems deceptively simply, and you might find yourself missing deadlines or requests for more information if you attempt to go it alone. You might even find yourself losing your case simply due to a lack of evidence or a simple mistake in your filing documents. When you hire a professional, you don’t have to worry about this.

Contact An Experienced Commercial Lease Real Estate Attorney

For all of your commercial lease needs, Gaines LLC can help. Allow our knowledgeable attorneys to help make your life a little easier by handling your case today. Contact us for more information!